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Our World Matters

SAFF & EATH provides a unique experience.

We want to enable everyone the opportunity to make a difference, whether it be a small change or a complete lifestyle change. Every change you make has a positive impact, not only on your own health, but the health of our planet.


At SAFF & EATH we endeavour to assist in making those conscious choices and decisions easier by providing a platform for you to source and plan your 'Green' journey. A One Stop Green shop, where all eco-friendly Products and Places to Stay, and vegetarian/vegan Places to Dine are at your fingertips - no more endless searching!

SAFF & EATH's unique platform offers a remarkable opportunity for all business types to truly engage customers who are pursuing your distinctive product. Our passion is to make your sustainable/eco-friendly business reach more clients by ensuring you are a part of a community of like-minded people. Contact us via the above page and join the SAFF & EATH community! Subscriptions and Advertising packages are available!

SAFF & EATH is the community platform that encompasses the 'Live Greener' mission statement.

SAFF & EATH is mindful of the world we live in and value.

National park

We encourage any change, not by force but by choice.



Queensland, Australia

0402 349 495

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