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Foggy Lake


As we age, our bodies are less forgiving, and my husband Bradley and I found ourselves in a precarious situation.  Our bodies were showing signs of significant discomfort and pain, particularly around digestion. Along with other, 'Ah ha!' moments, we ventured down the vegetarian road. Luckily, being a qualified Chef helps!

We had already been minimalising chemicals within the home for years, particularly due to severe eczema, and so eliminating meat from our diet seemed the next sensible step. We had immediate positive results - more energy, less pain and discomfort, weight stabilisation, no heavy after eating effects and minimal eczema outbreaks. We were sold!   

This led us to further explore eco-friendly and sustainable options. However, we became disappointed with the lack of information in one source. Wanting to holiday or travel can be difficult, particularly trying to find accommodation that caters for vegetarians, with more than 1 menu item. Endlessly searching website after website for products, where to eat and stay that suits our lifestyle choices, proved tedious. 

So, we went on a journey to develop and inform everyone that there are better options out there. Provided in one source: SAFF & EATH

SAFF & EATH want to acknowledge all the businesses out there that are making a difference by either choosing to use sustainable or eco-friendly options and give everyone the opportunity to access and try what is available.

Many aspects of our dream are still under construction... this is just the beginning! 

SAFF & EATH's rating scale will assist you to make informed choices around the lifestyle you want to create for yourself and your family and further reduce your footprint.  We want new customers to experience that life can and will be significantly improved with a healthier lifestyle and Live Greener mentality.

Kindest regards,

Heather & Bradley

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